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Asociación Española del Medio Oeste

Spanish Association of the Midwest

Fundada en 1976 – Established 1976

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The Spanish Association of the Midwest is a non-for-profit, fraternal, private organization of Spaniards, Hispanic-Americans and friends of Spain, which includes members from over 20 different countries. It was founded in Chicago, Illinois in May of 1976 by a group of Spaniards residing in the metropolitan area who realized the need to unite, fraternize and promote the culture of Spain in the urban American society in which they now resided.

As a fraternal organization aware of its mission, the Association soon became a forum for Spanish-Americans to meet socially and professionally in order to support programs in Spanish language, traditions and culture. Since the beginning, it has maintained close ties to the Spanish Consulate General, as well as other cultural, fraternal and professional organizations in the Chicago metropolitan area.

As a non-for-profit organization aware of its mission, the Association offers a numbers of scholarships each year to college-level students who have been accepted as accredited centers in Spain, to study the Spanish language, literature, linguistics, history, art or other disciplines in the humanities.

Throughout the years, the Association has contributed to symposia concerning Spanish cultural achievements, Spanish film series, lectures, concerts, as well as other socio-cultural events. The “Día de la Hispanidad” benefit-gala is celebrated each year to commemorate the National Day of Spain on October 12. Its proceeds allow the Association to continue to offer their annual scholarships to American students.

Robert Morrissey, in the Encyclopedia of Chicago (2004), recounts how… 

…Spaniards did not settle in one particular neighborhood or parish in Chicago, but they remained connected socially and culturally through the activities of a community organization, the Spanish Association of the Midwest. Founded in 1976, the Spanish Association organized programs to promote the culture of Spain and to unite and support Spanish immigrants and persons with Spanish heritage living in Chicago. Meeting regularly at local Spanish restaurants such as Café Iberico, the group has hosted a film series, endowed scholarships for study in Spain, and organized a local Spanish soccer team. Other activities have included regular concerts and performances by Spanish artists, an annual summer picnic, and the annual October 12 “Dia de la Hispanidad,” commemorating Columbus's voyage to America


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